Wellington, FL – January 18, 2013 – The North American Riders Group (NARG) announced today that its board of directors has voted unanimously to focus exclusively on the sport of show jumping. NARG was formed four years ago to provide a voice for riders, trainers and owners in North America. While many of the efforts and improvements that NARG has helped bring to the sport and its governance have benefited other disciplines, it has become obvious that NARG’s primary focus is and always will be Show Jumping. Furthermore, it has also become obvious that the sport of show jumping in North America and around the world is heading in a different direction than the businesses of Hunters and Equitation in the United States. This difference in direction constitutes a philosophical divide that is inconsistent with NARG’s mission.

NARG will hold its annual meeting at 5pm on January 29 at the Wanderers Club in Wellington, Florida. At this meeting, NARG Board Members will discuss this topic in further detail along with unveiling the NARG Top 25 Horse Shows of 2012, the NARG 2012 Grant Winner and numerous other accomplishments achieved during the year.