On February 2, 2010, over 200 equestrians attended the North American Riders Group’s second annual meeting in Wellington, FL to learn more about our 2009 accomplishments and 2010 objectives.

Murray Kessler, NARG board member, revealed NARG’s revised mission statement: The mission of the North American Riders Group is to unite professional riders and trainers to use their collective strength to make show jumping in North America the best in the world. “It was agreed our previous mission statement was too broad. Our new mission statement will allow us to be more focused and effective in improving the sport,” said Kessler.

Mclain Ward, Olympic Gold Medalist and NARG board member, discussed the 2009 accomplishments which included broadening the skill set of the Board, supporting exhibitors by negotiating favorable solutions with show managers, creating and presenting evaluations of horse shows, submitting a prize money alignment rule change to the USEF, and collaborating with the USEF and the FEI North American World Cup Committee on a quantitative evaluation process for World Cup Qualifiers in North America. Ward said, “While we’ve made progress already, we still have a long way to go. We need to stick together to make real change.”

Click here for the full 2010 meeting recap (PDF).