As the fifth annual NARG Top 25 comes to fruition, we realize how quickly five years can pass…

We are duly impressed by one significant factor here – the number of shows receiving a score of 80% or higher essentially doubled this year. Twenty-one out of the top twenty-five were 80%, with four ties for 25th at a score of 79%. A considerable improvement in just one year, in 2013 eleven shows had an 80% or higher. Also notable is that the score required to make the top 25 increased from 74% to 79%.

In 2014 a group of select shows uphold their position on this elite list, even if they have slipped a touch due to others making their way in; while five new shows made the list, one returned, and as a result, others barely missed. We discuss that group in our Honorable Mentions page.

Next year’s evaluation adjustments will change these comparison scenarios; however, it is clear that the NARG Top 25 list has come a long way in five years. Congratulations.

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